Franco-Fil: a “how-to” guide to French resources for German researchers

In our virtual research world, online resources on methodology seem infinite. Taking a tour on Franco-Fil: Informationssuche und wissenschaftliche Ressourcen zu Frankreich, one fully appreciates how precious such a blog was for (budding) researchers.

Primarily aimed at German speakers, this blog was set up by the Deutsches Historisches Institut of Paris. Written by a team of librarian and researchers under the supervision of Mareike König, this blog reviews various resources available such as digital libraries, archives, and provides useful methodological tips about historical research in and about France.

Franco-Fil: Informationssuche und wissenschaftliche Ressourcen zu Frankreich © DHI Paris
Franco-Fil: Informationssuche und wissenschaftliche Ressourcen zu Frankreich © DHI Paris

With an emphasis on virtual libraries, this blog constitutes an open window towards resources for medieval, early modern and modern history.

The “Mittwochtipp” section presents each week (wednesday) a tool, institution or archive body, mostly highlighting digital resources that might not have been advertised otherwise.  There are 60 Mittwochtipps so far, presenting resources on 19th century schoolbooks, history of immigration in France, travel literature, and many more.

Finally, a section on bibliographies (articles, books, databases, newspapers…) constitutes a useful tool, especially for young researchers newly arrived in the French system, with introductions and tips on how to constitute one’s own bibliography and corpus with the help of online tools, how and where to find iconographic sources, or how to understand and use the catalogues of French universities’ libraries.

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